Sunday 9 May 2021

Barstow California

 Our time in Barstow CA

We picked this truck stop at random as we were making our way from San Diego,CA where we did our pick up to head back north to Canada. Originally,  we had planned to drive further and take our time off in Primm NV an awesome resort like exotic mini city; but Lady luck decided to point us a little closer.

Upon arriving to Flying j Barstow CA we showered and had a delicious quiet dinner at IHOP. The next day, we hit the Outlets of Barstow and let me say made out like bandits. High end stores at discount prices a treat indeed. In addition we got great exercise and plenty of healthy fresh air. Food choices in abundance.

The West always wins hands down when one talks scenery and exotic resort like areas.  This area is made for semi trucks to park, as they seemed to be rolling their way around the various restaurants on the main highway.  Weather-wise spring summer with just enough wind so you don't sweat.

Trucking for us is an experience, something you need to live not just do, and trips like this one show's that. Its like paid tourists seeing cities, towns and states even provinces through a lens and then sharing this lifestyle online.

In conclusion, it takes more than driving to say I am a trucker, at least in my book.

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